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Broken Anode


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Hello fellow raiders.

Ok, hit something in the water today and there goes the anode off the prop end. The bolt snapped off too. Tried the easy out, broke two third one didnt do a good job either. Do you guys/girls think a boat shop can put a new thread in the block and put a slightly smaller bolt to hold an anode in?

Love some advice, or exactly who could repair it at a fair price. I am getting married in two weeks and would like it fixed before I go O/S, that way, when I get back, it is on the water ready to go.

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Hi Squidboy,

There is an option to drill out the broken screw and fit a threaded insert called a helicoil or recoil. You can buy the kits from an engineering supply store. The inserts come in stainless steel. The inserts themselves have a larger thread on the ouside than the internal thread but the outer thread is a non standard thread, hence the need to purchase a special tap. They come in a range of sizes.

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Ok, I will explain further. The anode is goooooone. I have ordered a new one. That bit is easy, the bolt is snapped in the outboard dog leg. Tried the easyouts but that wasnt much chop.

Looks like I am booking it in at a dealer to sort out. Might try extreme boat servicing and see what the boys tell me.

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