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Sydney Kingfish


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Think this is my first post as i usually just sticky beak the reports on this site. but i thought this may be a good way to start my first topic on fishraider. Day started with a troll from brown down south for yellow fin. got a touch on what i thought was a huge alby as i seen it chasing the skirt for a while trying to eat it, on a twin hook rig was suprised not to hook up. anyway went very quiet so we decided to call it a day, took my stella on board with a jig stick just in case, stop at 12 mile on the way home and first drop produced this girl. Possibly one of the biggest kings i seen out of sydney. im sure other raiders have seen bigger. anyway hope the yellowfin turn up soon but will also be happy to catch a king this big every trip this season.

Joshpost-9699-047839500 1306106015_thumb.jpg

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Very nice King you got Josh, well done on catching that.

Did you happen to measure it at all?

Thanks Fezza i actually didnt take to much fuss on the measurements, the only scale we had on board went 1m and she went past that, as for kgs i called it for 12kgs as i also didnt have scales on board. i recently just got back from fiji fishing GTs and got this monster and i still had my drag set on a stella 20000 for them and this king was still pulling line. amazing how strong they fight.

Cheers Joshpost-9699-005482000 1306106741_thumb.jpg

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Nice kingy mate! Too bad we can't find them that big when I'm out with ya! Just read another report elsewhere of a 140cm king caught off Sydney over the weekend. The bigguns are definately around atthe moment!

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