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Botany Bay 4/6


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G'day all

i slipped out onto the bay just before sunrise for a very quiet day on the water.

highlights were switchbaiting a nice squid from the pillie it kept chasing to a squid jig


and then finally breaking in the TLD20 and backbone rod with a very nice squid that went 85cm (overall) and just shy of 2kg that took a live large yaka and got tangled up in the gang hooks


apart from that a few small trev's and lizards kept me entertained for a very relaxing time on a perfect sydney winters day :biggrin2:

and i'm going out again tomorrow (with the wife and daughter no.2) :thumbup:

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Outnumbered nice squid, I am going out in the Bay in morning plan to start out at the runways for some tailer and trevally ,and try Sps for flathead later might see you out there .But by sound of your crew you wont be to earley :1clap::1clap::1clap:

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maaaaaaate you gotta realise the skipper sets the launch time not the first mate :1prop:

the only thing that will cause a late start tomorrow is the carton i'm putting a dent in now :beersmile: we will probably head over to the HWO and the cans


blooded the TLD and gave the back of the boat and my trackie pants a coat of ink :074:

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Great Squid mate.

today i went fishing at Bayview in the hawkesbury system. bought myself a squid jig a while back, never busted myself enough to try and catch squid, but today at the warf, did one bodgey lure drop down the warf, as i brought it up got smacked by my first squid, went around 35-40 cm :1clap:

i knew that squirt ink, didnt expect em to squirt 1 m everywhere. they sound like a turbo blower valve going off :074:

The squid you caught seem nice and white and transparent in colour, the one i caught was more dark colored.


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Muscle...... The old Mr squid sure does squirt some ink and water and they make heaps of noise in the process. The colours tend to change very quickly depending on the environment. In dark weed they can change to a very dark colour and on a sandy bottom they are almost transparent. When you catch them and put them in a live bait tank you can watch they change colour!

Donkey squid Outnumbered!!! :thumbup:  :thumbup:  :thumbup: Well done!


awesome, i didnt know squid change colors....like the iguana lizard :1prop:

thanks for that info mate :1yikes:

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Guest Target

Nice squid there..

The size seems to be picking up now we are in winter.

The trick to squiding is not avoiding the ink when you get them to the surface, but learing to aim them at anyone else in the boat :1naughty:

Seriously though, they normally let most of their ink out when you try and lift them, with practice you can get them to ink everything first before lifting into the boat. And dont think that they are random - most squid are very accurate with their aim, and generally hit you. Get them to ink themselfs dry first and all you get is a shot of clean water.


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Guest bluecod
Talking about squid, I was getting a few yesterday with yellow tail and then switching to my squid jig when I got a huge  :1yikes:  cuttlefish. I was wondering if they are any good to eat because this thing was over 1 metre long and if it was good to eat, there was a few dinners in her.




Check this out LINK

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