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Pittwater With Pete 2/6/05


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sorry for the late post but ive been sick with a bad flu.

My friend Jack and I arrived at Bayview at 6.30am looking forward to an overdue fishing trip. True to his word, Peter (plfishfingers) was there waiting for us. Having always fished the Hawkesbury, i always loved the look of Pittwater but never thought it was that fishy, so i was keen to find out first hand.

After our intros we motored off to our first spot with our target being squid. Along the way Pete was already giving us a rundown on spots in the Pittwater as we passed them. On arrival we were greeted to a glorious Pittwater sunrise:


It didnt take long for us to bag a couple nice sized squid before things went quiet and Pete decided it was time to try and convert them into some kingies :1clap:

I must admit that although we were optimistic, we weren't that confident as Pete had already explained to me when i booked the charter that the water temp had dropped to an ugly 16 degrees and had shut down the hot kingie bite he had been experiencing. However, with such a beautiful day and such a competent skipper we were still in with a shot.

We slow trolled a few spots that looked the goods with nice showings of bait schools on the sounder. We persisted for about an hour for no result so we moved on to some of Pete's other spots. We arrived to be greeted again by a good sized bait school that were balled up on the sounder. After about 12 laps of the spot for no luck Pete said well give it one more go...and sure enough our persistance paid off. The line pulled free from the downrigger and it was my mate Jack who came up tight on a nice fish. After a spirited tussle we were delighted to see a flash of yellow and silver appear boutside and Pete slipped the net under a nice kingie :thumbup: we were stoked to get him as the water temp was still 16.5degrees. The kingie measured 63cm and after a few photos was released back into the chilly water.


Without mucking around our second squid was rigged and sent down hoping we could stir another fish to strike. On our second lap the line began to scream again and it was my turn to do the honours. There was no doubting this was a king and typical of them he put up a dogged fight going around the boat and refusing to surface. Careful not to pull the hooks, i slowly worked him up and we finally boated our second fish. At 74cm and right on 7pounds he was a nice solid fish. Unfortunately he was gut hooked and bleeding badly so he was bled and put in the esky after some photos.


As we were out of squid we quickly went in search for more and managed to get 1. We went straight back to the spot but the kingies didnt want to play anymore. More than satisfied we decided to head out into Broken Bay in search of some salmon schools and hopefully big kings. There were no birds working when we arrived and after about an hour of trolling and casting for no result we headed back for Pittwater to try for some flatties. Sure enough as we headed to our spot the water came alive with a big school of salmon crashing the suface


It wasnt easy to get a take but Pete's great driving and boat positioning eventually got us onto some nice fish which were great fun on 4 pound mono :biggrin2:


we finished the day with a flattie drift which resulted in half a dozen small fish in about 20 minutes. we tried one more spot on our way home and had a mix of yakkas, butterbream, small reddies and even watsons leaping bonito come through the burley trail. we couldnt tempt the bonito but got some reddies and bream before our time was up. We got back at the ramp at 3pm were Peter expertly filleted our catch ready for the barbie.

It was an extremely enjoyable day and a real eye opener. sorry for the long post and i will post photos soon.

Thanks for the great day mate and we will be back :yahoo:


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why did you remove the name and website of the charter Joe??? :(

Good charters are hard to find, whats wrong with pointing a good one out to fellow fishraiders?????????

i am not associated with his business in any way, just trying to give credit where its due!!

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I think you have just experienced one of the facts of life. Money Talks!

You can't go advertising someone else's business here. I can ONLY imagine what it costs Ken in money and TIME to give us this wonderful FREE website. If you or I want to share our fishing stories that's great but if someone wants to promote their business and make money from it then there should be some payment for that.

Ken, I'm out on a limb without checking with you, but I think this is the general idea.

I am all for charters and have myself spoken about how good an idea it is but there is a line that shouldn't be crossed and giving a free link to someone's business is probably where that line is.

If I am out of line Ken please let me know gently as I was trying to do the right thing.



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Captain has pretty well covered it. It is in the site rules also if you read them. I understand you are trying to help out other fisherman by making a recommend but if the rules are not enforced it soon becomes a free for all.

Web sites costs money to run & being unemployed I rely on advertising money to keep this site running. No adds - no site. Our advertisers pay to advertise here so I will not allow links to businesses for free. Sorry about that mate but it's never going to change :biggrin2:

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Guest Jocool

Great report Anthony. Good to see the Kings hanging round. :thumbup: Sorry bout the dramas earlier...but it seems all sorted.

or will the 80:20 rule remain the rule ??:beersmile:  I trust it will.


Pardon my Ignorance....whats an 80:20 rule????

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