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yellowfin Sunday 19th June


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Hey anyone heading out Sunday?

Weather is looking O.k and the wind I guess has pushed nice water of upto 22.5 degrees up to the shelf from what I can see.

Is anyone heading out Sunday and if so do you think there's a chance for stripe marlin as well as tuna?

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Jerry if your going outside good luck :thumbup: , the weather looks disgraceful :ranting2: and theres only one way to find out if the fish are there. Go yourself. The fish you are speaking of are pelagic and dont hang around except for fin depending on bait. So if you hear a report from yesterday, the day before, the week etc etc you get my drift, doesnt mean the fish will be there tomorrow :thumbdown: Just my thoughts :beersmile:

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A weekend off the water for us. Waiting for the wind to be coming from a direction other than the west. We don't yet fancy another long trip home in the dark into the sea.

Totally agree I'm itching to give the fin a go but not worth the fuel in these conditions.:wacko:

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