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Winter King!


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G'Day Raiders,

Haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I might quickly share Hiles and my quick trip to Greenwich today. Fished around the sailing club around 8:30ish to no avail, not even a nibble anywhere.

Moved around to another wharf we found on google maps, fished it for half an hour before Hiles hooked onto something big and fast with a tiny size 12 hook (trying for yakkas), unfortunately

the fish busted off under the wharf leaving us both devastated but still hopeful.

So I followed his lead and got a slightly bigger hook with a bit of filleted pilly on and within a couple of minutes hooked onto what was sure to be the same fish. After numerous close calls with the wharf I pulled in a nice 63cm kingfish on 6lb fireline and 10lb fluoro leader. I was absolutely stoked as we only just started properly targeting them at the end of the season.

After the king no action whatsoever, didn't bother me though :D



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Just quickly, in regards to eating Harbour fish, I know there are warnings against eating fish west of the harbour bridge and only 150g east of the bridge. What does everyone on Fishraider do? Abide by these recommendations or eat whatever you catch?

PS- we threw this Kingy back obviously.

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