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Perch (Estuary)

Ken A

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The new mark to beat for Estuary Perch on lure is a stonker caught be ajb of 49.5cm on a 2" Gulp Shrimp. Full report here!


The 2nd mark to beat .A 45cm Estuary Perch taken by swordfisherman at Milperra /Georges River on a lava squidgee


The 3rd mark to beat. A 43cm Estuary Perch caught by Hodgey, on a 3" Gulp Minnow (in pumpkinseed) on 4lb crystal and 6lb mono leader. A new PB!


4th place is an Estuary Perch at 41cm taken by "the lure"
Caught on Dusk around Oyster bay in the Georges River, took a big lure!!


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