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Botany Spin Sesh


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Went out this morning with my brother and a good friend of ours Mani

We started by flicking some plastics around the break wall but all we managed

was a samon and two stinky pike,

Moving along we set of to our favourite drifting grounds were Mani and my bro hooked up together first cast,

My bro pulled in a decent trevor while mani was still battling away,

after a good fight i netted a good size sambo. :thumbup:

Then it was all on the trevors were coming in thick and fast,

all were on average size (30/35cm) got stuck into a few bream as well which was

a good change from the trevors :thumbup::thumbup:

All up we managed 16 trevors 9 bream and 2 sambos ,

was a pretty good morning sesh i think now i have two go out for the arvo sesh,

ill let you all know how i went.


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Yes hes still the charter guide Chris! :risata:

Went out again this arvo with soapie bit quiet compered to this mornings sesh

but still managed to get into a few.

All up we managed 5 trevs and in one stage non stop choppers that kept on pinching my jigs :ranting2: i lost count after 11

And one decent sambo that soapie caught. :thumbup:


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Well done Harry, Mick and Manny,

It was great to get on the water again this afternoon.

The weather conditions were perfect !!

Pity those big long silver/gold fellas werent out to play later :05:

Enjoy the rest of the long weekend all !!

I will :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile:


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Guest Jocool

WOOHOO..Sambos look like they are back! :thumbup:

Looks like you guys are having fun. :1clap:

Edited by Jocool
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Nice Sambos fellas,

Were they deep or up in the surface ?




In the morning they were down deep,

but in the afternoon they were up top but pretty hard to spot due to no birds

and a slight ripple on the water,

but once again the tailors abit deeper messed it up for me again :ranting2::ranting2:

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