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Simple Rod Holder


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I fish from a mates boat that has been lent to me indefinitely it is an old trimcraft 10ft dingy it has a 4hp 2st johnstone on the back which motors along about twice as fast as I could row.......

The last couple of times I have gone out I have been real worried about rod storage during travel and when not in use so I had a look at members boats to see what other raiders did for rod storage. There are some great systems in use I like the holders on the side of boats but unfortunately being only 3m long can't use this method. I also am reluctant to drill holes in someone elses boat even though I am sure he wouldn't mind. In the end I improvised and cut up an old plastic cricket stump for tubing attached two tubes each to two pieces of ply and held each piece of wood either side of the centre thwart using two occy straps. Worked an absolute treat rods were stored vertically out of the way of clumsy feet and swivel seats and easily removed to fish.

I can't wait to get my own boat next financial year and then fit it out how I want.

So get ready guys cause I will be picking your brains for what you like and don't like about your boats what you wished you had what has worked and what has not.

This sight provides so much excellent honest info for fishos I think thats what makes it so good.



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Good problem solving there Trev :thumbup:

I also only have a 10 foot tinnie with a 5 horse on the back and can easily get on the plane, however I dont want any wind resistance or drag slowing me down as its that and a few leaks could have me back to 6 knots in a jiffy :wacko:

it sure would be a treat to fit a boat out to your own specs :1clap:

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