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How Do You Set Up The Rollers On Your Trailer ?


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Hi Fishos,

When you are launching at the boat ramp do you ever laugh at the poor bugger pushing for his life to get the boat of his trailer :risata:, The when you come back, the same bugger is winching the length of the trailer to get his boat back on :074: ??

Well that poor bastard is probably me. :ranting2:

I have had enough of this :hitsfan: , I see people drive down, undo their winch cable and push the boat off with one finger, some are even able to drive it off, it's mazing to watch, I even see people able to drive staight onto their trailer, it's fantastic to watch, poetry in motion and they either have the same size boat or the same trailer setup.

I want that too.

I have a multi roller trailer and a 600 oceansport Quinny.

I have already greased and replaced all the keel rollers and pins but it still won't come off easy, no other rollers are stuck or broken.

Do the Keel rollers need to take the full weight of the boat and the wobbly rollers only help with allignment ? How do I set up all the rollers to make it a smooth launch and retrieve ?

If you have gone through this and fixed this problewm I would like to hear how you fixed it as I am getting really :ranting2: with launcing and retrieving

If I do fix the rollers will this automatically help me with driving my boat onto my tralier easier, don't want to winch anymore :thumbdown:

Thanks for your help and looking forward to your comments.

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GDay Peahead,

It is my belief that the centre rollers tend to take most of the weight and the side rollers support and stablise, but still take some weight.

Try raising the side rollers slightly to even out the weight distribution. I have mucked around doing this in the past and had some success with this problem by doing this. Also the side rollers need to run straight as this can tighten things up if they are skewed, as the boat rolls on them at an angle.

Also driving a boat onto a trailer doesnt do the rollers any good at all not to mention what it does to wheels bearings. It tends to also push the side rollers down each time the boats slams up the trailer putting extra pressure on the centre ones over time.

Hope this helps. :biggrin2:

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Thanks guys,

I do do the forward and reverse suddenly with the car dance as well when i go out with the :wife:

This weekend i am going to lift the keel rollers some more and ensure all the wobbly rollers wobble as straight as possible.

Thanks for your help guys.


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Is it possible that ease of launch and retrieval is in some way related to the gradient of the boat ramp or the angle at which the trailer sits (for example a trailer will sit higher at the front if it is being towed by a 4WD in comparison to a smaller or lower sedan)?


I doubt this will make any difference at all. The actual height of the tow ball is fairly standard (within a couple on inches) on all cars and 4wd's. You'll find on a standard sedan the tow bar tongue rises up, and on 4wd it drops down. This gives the tow height a consistany across the board. Dont forget double axle trailers need to be at a level ride so most cars manufacturers accomodate this.

If the slope of the ramp affects your launch, youve got trailer problems.


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Be wary about trying to take weight on the side rollers - I have heard tinny trailers are designed to take all the weight on the keel - the side rollers are only for stability in trailering. Check all the keel rollers roll under pressure. sometimes those big pins bend and need replacing.

I have heard stories of tinnies that won't plane properly, or ride horribly nose down due to slight indentations on the hull caused by bad trailers.

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