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Nsw Fishing Licence Required To Fish Anywhere In L

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Lake Mulwala is often regarded as Australia's premier Murray cod fishery.

“People who fish there should be aware that from 1 September last year, NSW fishing laws have applied to the whole of Lake Mulwala under new management arrangements agreed to by the NSW and Victorian Governments, and a NSW fishing licence is now required to fish anywhere in the lake,” NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Manager of Compliance Glenn Tritton said.

No set lines are permitted in Lake Mulwala. This includes rods or handlines set and left unattended at the rear of foreshore residences.

Rods and handlines must be attended. The law requires fishers to be no more than 10 metres away from their rods and handlines and they must be within sight of them.

“In particular, we have problem with fishers leaving rods and handlines unattended at the rear of foreshore residences,” Mr Tritton said.

He said three people were recently apprehended for using unattended lines in Lake Mulwala and infringement notices have been issued.

Legal gear that can be used in the lake includes two attended lines, five hoop nets marked with the user's name and address, and one shrimp trap marked with the user's name and address.

The use of opera house traps is illegal in the lake and adjacent rivers.

Mr Tritton said fishing from the railway bridge or railway land was illegal and very dangerous.

“Fishing closures existed between the railway bridge and the weir wall in the lake and from the weir wall downstream for 201 metres.

“People should be aware that heavy penalties can apply for fishing in these areas,” he said.

The key reference point for people to clarify the upstream boundaries is the Bundalong boat ramp at the end of Paisley Street.

Lake Mulwala extends upstream to the Bundalong boat ramp. Upstream of the Bundalong boat ramp there are two rivers, the Murray and the Ovens.

“Fishers should be aware that different laws apply in the Murray River in NSW and the Ovens River in Victoria,” Mr Tritton said.

For further information on the NSW fishing laws or the management arrangements for Lake Mulwala, contact the NSW DPI fisheries office at Albury on (02) 6042 4228 or visit your local tackle shop for fisheries’ advisory information.

MEDIA CONTACT: SARAH CHESTER ON (02) 6036 2110 OR 0417 207 669.

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