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Boating Accident


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Sydney boat crash drama: pair rescued

June 22, 2005 - 11:26AM

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An ambulance rescue team abseiled over a bridge while another team battled through mangroves to reach two men injured in a boat crash on Sydney's Georges River.

The two men were clinging to mangroves for more than an hour after their boat crashed at East Hills, near the M5 bridge about 9.30am.

A spokeswoman for NSW Ambulance Service said it took the rescue crews more than an hour to reach the injured men by beating their way through mangroves.

Another team from the ambulance service rescue division, which carries abseiling equipment, descended from a bridge over the river to approach the injured pair from a different angle.

"It took quite a while for them to get through the mangroves," she said. "I understand they had about 100 metres of tricky conditions to get through."

The men, aged in their 30s, suffered chest injuries and had been clinging to the mangroves since the accident happened.


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And the latest report as of 4.59pm

TWO men injured in a speed boat accident on Sydney's Georges River told rescuers they were travelling at 60km/h when they hit a tree, smashing their craft to pieces.

A 50-year-old man taken to Liverpool Hospital with head and chest injuries remained in a serious condition tonight.

His friend, a 32-year-old man, was in a stable condition with minor injuries.

The accident happened about 9.30am (AEST) on an isolated stretch of the river at East Hills.

"They swerved to miss a log in the water and the steering broke, spearing them into a riverbank covered with tree stumps and mangroves," an NRMA CareFlight rescuer said.

"They hit hard, they basically smashed the boat to pieces."

The men told the rescuer they had been travelling at 60km/h in the 5.5m speed boat just before the crash.

The men raised the alarm using a mobile phone and clung to a part of the boat's bow, which had become wedged in the mangroves.

Rescuers decided against transporting the men through the mangroves, and a helicopter was used to winch them to care after they were stranded for 90 minutes.

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