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Guest Jocool
same as Sputnik's


J.D....Mike has a Stessl Edgetracker. Snag has the Stacer PTE which I think is similar.

Speaking of Stessl....Heard a story that Stessl has folded. There would be a lot of unhappy Stessl users out there I'm thinking. :(

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Quite correct, chaps - mine's the Edgetracker, Snag's is the Stacer. Nice rig, too - got livewells you could swim laps in and a dual console so your non-boater stays dry too.

From memory, the only slight issue is the length of the rod lockers in the Stacer (I think they were 6' 6", but I'm sure you could ask to get them extended), and I don't know if there's anywhere to put a "stand up" rod rack to keep the rods while you're fishing.

If you want an opinion, why not drop Snag a PM, Russ? (Unless, of course, it's him that's selling the boat!).

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The Stacer will be able to handle any thing the harbour can throw at it with ease. Both the 470 pt and 470pte are v bottom hulls and have no problem pushing over a harbour swell.

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Hi guys,

Snag has the PT Elite and its a great set up.

It will handle the Harbour chop no probs, my only concern was when stable and flicking at Pelagics in a bit of swell/chop its a bit different to your deeper style sides.

Plenty of room 120lt Livewell plus rear Livewell, massive storage, and great ride as Mick has stated.

It will do the job on the Harbour no probs, and by memory up to 62KPH with a 75 Optimax.

Hopefully Sang will get on the Forums this week, as he has computer problems.


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