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Jointed Lures


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I was going through my lure collection last night looking to replace any rusty hooks and found a couple of old two piece jointed style lures. You don't hear people talking about them anymore...does anyone still use them? Have they gone out of fashion now that HBs tend to be smaller types and there's so many SPs that have a more lifelike action?

I guess the fish aren't as fad conscious as we are, I remember them being quite popular for flatties when I was younger (and unable to afford them)...

Any comments?

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I still use the jointed Rapala floating minnows in the 2" size for Bream. They are shallow divers & very effective over weed beds. They are my second favorite HB behind SX-40's & 48's.

The only problem is they are near impossible to find in Australia & I have to buy them OS.

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The jointed Shad Rap is still one of the best Trout lures knocking around, especially in the Crawdad Patterns. Other than that I can't honestly say I have used that many of them?



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