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Fingermark Pb

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Hi all

With Uni over for the semester Ive found myself with a little more spare time for fishing. Ive been landing plenty of GTs and small Barra around town but the bigguns still elude me.

I Went out with Barrymundi today to hit a few marks around Magnetic island. The weather was great and we quickly found heaps of barracuda, estuary cod and lizard fish, but the highlight for me was a pb Fingermark. I called it for a trevor, but after a lengthy dogged fight down deep, the gold/brown shoulder flashed over with the distinctive thumbprint. 66 cm and 4.5 kg. To say I was pleased would be an understatement... The good old 4inch minnow in smelt did the trick.


Matt. :biggrin2:


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Thanks fellas,

Swoff the alphas was screaming, but it handled it no worries.... You'd be suprised at how chilly it can get up here, early in the morning. By 9 - 10 am though, you end up strippin back to t-shirt and shorts.

Tim, a lizard fish is very similar to a flathead in both appearance and behaviour (The head is more like a goby though). It's a benthic (bottom dwelling) fish, very aggressive, and will hit just about any lure.

J.D. I think that'd be fascinating, particularly for us fishos, but convincing the producers is another story... Ill try... :biggrin2: I did push for a story on adaptations and defence mechanisms, but so far no go.... hopefully one day.

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He's a FNQ'er now Swoff, anything below 27 degrees and he's shivering cold! :074:


Don't laugh, :074: the day did start off rather crappy with a real southern nip in the air, but by 9 or 10 it was back to normal. Been blowing ever since then though.

Good to see Matt collecting a few new species to cross off his northern "hit list" :1fishing1: .

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