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Broken Bay Sat 2/07


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Gidday all,

Got out with a mate on Saturday ,he is a member online called "Bar King".Anyway we launched his bar crusher at apple tree bay and dodging the trees,debris made a quick trip to little jerusalem for some pink nippers we tried at the garbage barge for some livies for nix,I thought that it was to cold (13 c ) so we headed out to west head and found the temp only slightly higher we then headed out to the SE side of Barrenjoey and found the temp better at 17c but all that came up the burley slick was madoes and not much else .

Looking at the options I thought we might go and have a crack at the Flathead on the magic 50m line east of the Joey and belted out on near calm seas ,we passed what seemed to be semi familiar looking boats on there way in (Tuna king and the Hornet?) ,I was wondering if it was them and should have hailed them up on the 27 but I am not familiar with the fishraider call channel.

First drop saw a nice flatty on board and I thought well at least this will work ,then the dreaded scourge dropped in........ :hitsfan: .I quite like leatherjackets but these were different to the normal ones.They bit the line near the surface ,now I did not have a hell of a lot of braid on my old TLD 15 to start with and after a few bites and rerigging was on to the nylon backing . :ranting2::ranting2: .

This was nothing compared to what grant was facing ,he hadnt even had a bite yet and was having trouble getting down let alone registering a bite before being bitten off.!!

After a suitable period of time and looking at the encroaching south westerley change roaring in we decided to head in a bit closer ,Boultons was the chosen place and after a little frigging around dropped the pick on a nice spot and started picking up undersize snapper.....lots of them.We managed a keeper and had a school of tailor (1kg) models come through,picking up a few of them the wing became more pronounced and swung us more to the north and then all we picked up was nannygai and smelly pike.

A few hours of this and with the light fading rapidly we upped shop and headed for some protection from the wind at Flint and steel.....and caught nothing,as a matter of fact I dont think we registered a single bite for over two hours .

I was racking my brains trying to remember the post from a fellow fishraider about how he had fished this place, I felt that I had it right ,it was just that with the temp at 14c, a flood on and coupled with the time of year any bite was shut down in that neck of the woods.

At least that what it appeared to be anyway.

I think the advice as posted earlier from someone :wife: ,"was to stay home near the fire with a cold tinny in the hand "was the way to go .We chose the version that had us in cold freezing rain,southwesterly at 15 knots and drinking an ice cold tinny,.......IN AN ICE COLD TINNY.

...So how did every one else go?


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Guest bluecod


BB and outside can be a very frustrating place to fish.

When I was down at the weed "spot" yesterday I did manage to scrape up about 1/2 handful of weed and went down to the harbour this afternoon, more or less to take the :wife: for a walk :1fishing1: , and got a nice fat 33cm blackfish for my dinner tonight.

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Yup Howard you are right about the pike ,as long as there is not to many of them they rate pretty highly on the desirable stakes for a livey.We did give them swimming lessons later at F &S ,along with chook gut,soldier crabs,pink nippers,prawns,pillies,slab tailor,live tailor.slab pike and a reef pick to boot.

I forgot to mention one item of interest for you salmon freaks out there,on the current line as we headed east from barrenjoey (there was current from the south),we encountered some pretty dense shoals of bait on the sounder,there was a flock of petrels having a siesta on the water and they were looking at something down deep,doing the mutton bird looking thing.There was also scattered Gannets which usually indicate larger bait ie slimeys or cownyoung.We spent a bit of time trying to drop jigs on the schools for nix and gave it away.

I suspect that there was some salmon down there but just cruising and not actively feeding,there were no "Kill" slicks around so whatever was down there did not not have teeth.

We also encountered two whales out there as well.

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Not far,I guess that it was less then a kilometer out,I think that there was a concentration of bait/food on the current line and was forming a east -west line off the joey.

No doubt that these fish will be in pittwater shortly.

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Bad luck there Reckless, but all things considered sounds like you did OK to get any thing at all. Thats awsome seeing whales out there. I haven't fished Flint & Steel lately but I was considering a fish there on the weekend after all the rain we just had - by the sounds of things I didn't miss much.

I had a couple of short sessions in Pittwater on Friday (7am - 9.30am) and Sunday 6.30am - 10am), but time restraints and weather made it hard. On Friday morning I had just enough time to catch a couple of Squid and do a short stint on the downrigger. I'd hoped to have another go at the Kingie that busted me off a couple of weeks ago (near Clareville) but was limited by the wind on where I could comfortably fish. Trolled a small squid on the downrigger inside Longnose point (along the dropoff) and picked up a 6LB Salmon as I turned for a second pass. A little annoyed at wasting my Kingie tim-tam I put out the other squid and downrigged through Towlers Bay and then McCarrs Creek where he got chewed by small fish.

When I went out on Sunday the squid were a little harder then normal to catch. I really had to work a few spots and due to current and wind needed to anchor each time. By the time I caught a couple it was blowing a cold and steady SW wind which was enough to turn me off any more fishing. Released a couple of really lucky squid and came home. What are the odds of a Squid going back in without a hook through it? I give them 100-1 at best on my boat. On most other boats I'd imagine the odds would be significantly worse.




My first post on this forum!

Hi to everyone

Just wondering what the bejebus I have to do to get a squid??? Could anyone give me a hand on locations in or near Pittwater. I'ved tried about 10 times just inside westhead (over kelp beds) and have never got 1! I'm using good quality (yo zuris's??) in pink and orange, and I'm USELESS!!!

Any help on exactish locations would be SO appreciated!!

Kingy (not the kingy of squid though)

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Guest Jocool

In Pitwater, I have picked up most of my squid over the kelp beds on the western side of Palm Beach. Just north of the Sea plane terminal. A couple of bays south of West Head was always a good stand by. Try differing sizes as well as colours!

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Guest bluecod

As Jocool said :1clap:

Stokes Point is also worth a look as are the seagrass beds in Careel Bay.

and :1welcomeani: to the site !

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Thanks heaps guys for the good info on the squid!! I'll be trying all your suggestions, going out this Sunday morning so I might put out a Fishraider call on the 27Mhz to see what happens..........ohh and thanx for the welcome

I'm still to land my first Jewie after approx 30 attempts, not for the easily disuaded!!

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