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Smoked Drummer Salad


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First, catch a fish. Preferably Drummer. Or whatever floats your boat. (or downs your float. Or something)

Second, smoke the fish.

1. Fillet

2. Soak in a brine of about 1ltr water, 1/3 cup of salt and whatever amount of sugar you feel comfortable with (no more than will dissolve in the water).

3. Allow to soak for an hour or two.

4. Rinse off the brine, pat dry.

5. Smoke in whatever smoking contraption you have at hand. I use one of those camping-store bought tin boxes. It's awesome.

I smoked the fish ahead, allowed to cool, then stored in an airtight container in the fridge until the next day.

Finally, the salad. Could be any leafy green salad, but this worked wonders for me (disclaimer, my gorgeous other actually threw the salad together this time so credit where it's due). No hard and fast rules in this kitchen.

1. Boil an egg. Soft boiled would work, but hard boiled is less messy. If hard boiled, slice and set aside. If soft boiled, put aside for the last step, peel and place on top of the finished salad and pierce for gooey goodness. Of poach for similar effect.

2. Boil / blanch some green beans or asparagus or both.

3. Boil a couple of potatoes, slice. Kipflers are the absolute best potatoes in the world bar none, but you may disagree. Your loss.

4. Flake the smoked fish, toss it all together with some mixed salad leaves (egg on top if soft boiled or poached).

5. Attack with intention, and enjoy every moment of it.

It might end up looking like this. Prior to being hungrily attacked of course.

post-21250-035093100 1337764589_thumb.jpg


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