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Kayaking on the Central Coast


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Hi everyone, Im keen to rally some Kayakers on the Central Coast to get together for a fish. Im new on this sight and keen to get a few people together and hit the water. Let me know what you think?????

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Hi Diamondback

I am not sure who owns a yak on the Central Coast - but I bet if you just rock up any time of day, there will be someone yak fishing somewhere! Introduce yourself & who knows, you may find yourself a willing companion!!

Let me know if you ever head up Forster way - I am always up for a yak fishing session! biggrin2.gif


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Get a yak, Gatts - much more fun - no need for a trailer & you can go places boats can't! Make sure you TRY any yak BEFORE you buy! Many have bought without trying & got a dud!


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