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the last hoorah whiting still around northern beaches


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Gooday Raiders

I had the day of yesterday got up in the morning to see the rain increasing steadily.I thought bugger wanted to go for a fish looked up the swell report with a swell of around a metre and the forecast of clearing weather I thought I was in with a chance to get out. Around early afternoon it was looking good with ideal conditions so of to the local bait shop armed with bloddworms.I actually tried a new beach on the advice of the bait shop proprietor who told me that they have been getting good whiting at Bungan Beach.

Having fished there once before at least I knew how to get there.

I arrived there around 1.00pm to take advantage of the high tide around 4.oopm to be greeted by a few surfers and a gently rolling swell with a couple of nice gutters.Just a note access to the beach is quite easy after having to go down a very steep path to get there and parking was a pain but available on Barrenjoey rd.Outfit used was my old CR6145FT Snyder 1 piece rod with approximately a 1 ounce ball sinker short trace around 2 feet with a size 4 long shank hook.After trying numerous strategies it was apparent that the fish were feeding in the wash zone in the shore break which can quickly change according to the sandbanks and gutters.I found that there was some current but I have found it is better to cast out and walk with the rig than to anchor the bait in one place providing conditions allow this.Once I located the fish it was game on with fish flowing freely until about 1 hour after dark.I finished up with 15 keeper whiting and 1 solitary bream and quite surprised with the catch in the end with the fish quite hungry and all being gut hooked. I did take note that the water temperature was stll quite warm for this time of year feels like its hovering around the 20 degrees.

post-13936-078276300 1338460562_thumb.jpg

Cheers Steve

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Steve that's an awesome haul of whiting, that picture is making me hungry. It's great when a plan comes together and the guy at the tackle shop gives you good advice not just spinning a yarn to off load his live bait supply

Cheers shak

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That's amazing! I've never had luck with whiting in the colder months. Top effort. :thumbup:

I agree with not anchoring the bait.

A nice glass of white to go with that too please :biggrin2:

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Thanks for all your kind replies guys however I dont think I will be as lucky next time certainly not in the next few months with the water temperature dropping.From past experience once it falls below 19 degrees the whiting slow down immensely.

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