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Government looking into reopening Commercial fishing


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Hi Raiders,

A little good news today in that "The Leader" published my reply to the editor on their story re:Government looking into reopening commercial fishing in Botany Bay last week.

I also had a reply from the ministers office confirming they received my letter and will respond shortly.

Again ,let your local member and the minister Katrina Hodgkson know You do not approve.



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We can only hope that sanity prevails and this does not happen!! Although given the state of affairs with the Cronulla Fisheries centre, I am very concerned.

Fishing the bay has been improving steadily over the last few years and can only be good for other regions in Sydney as fish spill out into surrounding areas.

Good work on your action!!

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I am very impressed with the local memebers Mark Speakman and Scott Morrison on a federal level but unfortunately any chain is only as good as it's weakest link and so far the Member for Burrinjuck certainly appears to be the weak link. Let's hope this time she does actually consult with local members and the community.

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