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Cleaning and releasing hairtail


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Hi everyone,

Going out for hairtail this weekend and hand no clue how to clean th. I have read about wipeing off there shine but how do you do this? Also since I'm thd only one in my house hold that eats fish if I get any I only will be keeping one. Just wondering do they release well and if I do release one whould that one fish scare the school away?


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The best way to clean off the silver is to use a nylon scourer, some guys use hession bags.

Just rub off the silver with the scourer. I use the salt water to wash the scourer.

I think the best way to release them is when standing up to grab them by the back of the neck pull out the hooks with long pliers and drop them back in.

I have grabbed a number by the back neck area (first time a bit nervous) and never had a problem they don't seem to go off or jump around in that position.

I am not sure what this would do with the school, you wouldn't think it would do much considering the sounder reports showing so many fish at the moment.

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Don't think it would do much to the school. If theres food and they're hungry they'll eat it for sure! :thumbup: . Jewies are a different story though. They will often sound when one is released back into the school. Mainly fish between 3-9kg that is.

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