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Bald Face Point. George's River


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Hi Raiders

Been land based fishing the Hacking a lot lately with very little success. Been hearing a little about Blad Face Point. Is there any Raiders out there that fish this area and could let me know what's out there please and what works best and what tides work for the area.

I went and had a look at the spot yesterday, it's a beautiful part of the world to fish even if your not catching anything. But still, it would be nice to struggle my way back up the hill with a feed.

Thanks Raiders.

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Yeh, good spot.

Gradual drop off from shallow flats to deeper water (5 - 8m)on eastern side, but plenty of rocks & oysters to snag on for about 20m from the shore. Caught a few Flatties on this side on run-out tide.

On eastern side (upriver)there is a deep hole (15m) running parallel to the shore, and not far out (5 - 10m out).

Seems to work on both run in and out tides from my experience there, other guys seem more impressed with run in phase.

Bream in the hole, Flatties on the edges (depending on the tide phase), and supposed to be a jewie spot but I haven't scored one yet!

I've fished it from boat and shore, generally caught something there.

For me definately one of the best shorebased spots I've used...

Tight Lines!!

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Had a land based go there last Sunday morning to the high tide. Would have been nice if the westerly wasn't cutting me in two. Threw around a blade and some soft plastics into the holes. Got one bump, but that was all. The the rocks at the edges eventually claimed my lures. Definitely the place to be in good weather. Any ideas on the best length rod to get the lures clear of the rocks quickly?


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Hi Raiders,

I finally gave this area a go this arvo/tonight, for not even a nibble. We were on squid, pilchard and worms. We also tried every conceivable rig we could think of.

Might try the run in next time...!!!

Keep up the reports


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