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Bellambi 24/6/2012


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Hi All,

Decided to head out Bellambi today for a fish even though there was a bit of wind. Headed out behind the bommy in about 30 metres of water. Over the course of the next hour I saw big schools of fish coming through on the sounder, and managed to pick up a few small trevally which I guess were chasing them.

Decided to go to the "hump" as recommended by other fish raiders. Was a fair run with the wind chop in a 4.2 runabout with a 25hp :P Drove around the Hump sounding it out and just having a look. A couple of spots towards the south east part of the hump sounded up really good with big fishing holding in the bottom 5 metres or so, maybe snapper? also a few spots looked like a lot of small fishing hanging over a pinnacle? or maybe it was weed or something? not sure.. Anyways had a drifted for about an hour with me flicking plastics and my father using bait. NOT A TOUCH. like nothing.

Sammy the seal and his family were playing around the boat surfing on waves and jumping most of the time we were there, I don't know if that would have had any affect on the fishing but it was

Decided to head back towards bellambi and have a drift for some flathead off some of the beaches. PIcked up plenty of sergeant bakers and some gernards but no flatheads. SPEWING!

The wind died down int he afternoon and it was actually not a bad day on the water all in all.



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Good report mate, good to hear your finding some good marks as well, me and a mate went offshore Sydney yesterday jigging for kings an only managed 2 barracudas. Came back in around the harbour and only caught big yakkas but there was plenty showing on the sounder.

Not a very good weekend fish wise so don't be disheartened by ur results, the pressure cells we have been copping has probably shut the fish down.

Wats the water temp down you way? It was 19 deg offshore and 17 in the harbour.

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