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Manly beach 08/07/2012


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Went down to manly beach this mornning to see what was around. For there early mornning and put out a pillie and rigged up my Jew rod incase I got some thing for live bait. I eventually picked up a 28cm whittling and decided to chuck that out as live bait. After about an hour the pillie rid goes off and first salmon of the mornning 56cm. Was happy after that and really didn't care if I didn't get anything else. Soon after I threw the salmon back thd Jew rod goes of. I run over and hook it but I felt weird, I. Plus feel head shakes but not much of a fight eventually I pull in a salmon that still had the whitting in its mouth. This salmon went about 6-7 kg one of my biggest salmons I have caught. Went quiet for awhile picking up two flattys both under size. I decided to pack up and while that was happening the rod goes off again this time a 54cm tailor which was very think around back. Decided that was breakfast and headed of home around 7:30am.


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Sounded like a great session!

I would also be surprised to hear salmon takes 28cm whiting had it not been for my beach session last Saturday. In one of two salmons I took home I found a 32 cm yellow tail inside the fatter salmon. The yellow tail was still basically intact apart from a bit of discoloured. With a whole yellow tail in its stomach and it went on to take a big piece of tailor fillet I prepared for jewfish. That salmon was greedy!

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