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Looking For Blackfish Mentor


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Hi Raiders!

Me and my best mate josh are looking for a mentor for blackfish angling. After the last couple weeks catching nothing but a numb ray, we got a little frustrated and want to try new types of fishing as well as new areas. We are lucky enough to know a spot for grabbing stringy weed so bait is not an issue! We aren't the most experienced fisherman but are young men willing to learn and take on challenges as they come. Never fished on a boat before and we are always land based fishos (wish we had a boat/yak). Josh drives so it is not a trouble travelling for us and we are located in the eastern suburbs which i find is really not a great distance to the north or south end of sydney.

We definently have blackfish at the top of our checklist but any other species is welcome as we are generally restricted to bream, flatties, and the odd trev/tailor/

Your name: Amir and Josh

Your Location: Eastern Suburbs

Fishing technique: Blackfish, but willing to learn any technique

Availability: Flexible, generally can work around weekdays and weekends!

Preferred location: Not Fussed, can be the Hacking, Botany Bay, Harbour etc

Provide your own gear? Yes we have gear, (can verify on request if we need to get anything extra)

Provide your own boat? No

Thank You Kindly!

I look forward to hearing from you!



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this helped me a lot to get onto my first blackies.

if you have weed try clifton gardens during the day, from the wharf. you need long sections of weed to wrap onto the hook and get it to hold nicely. the link above will show you how to make a rig and its a matter of getting it in the water, burley up a bit, and in no time a school will be hanging around and you will notice the pencil float slowly go under, wind up slack and carefully lift rod to set hook. from the wharf, given clear conditions, you can easily see the fish and would be good practice to get the feel for your float and the behaviour of the fish.

im a rookie and managed to get several blackies on my first session at clifton gardens, not overly difficult fish to target so great fun!

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