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My mate was keen to look around close in for some tuna so we headed out around 10km from Nth Head but saw nothing and no touches on the lures.

Reading the reports it looks like we needed to go much further out but that was out of our trailer boat range.

Then headed for our reliable snapper spot off Long Reef but the wind started to come up so we decided to settle for a feed of flathead from our reliable flathead marks, but the wind got up a bit more and even drifting was out of the question.

Then had a slow bumpy ride back to Nth Head where we left 30km and 2 hours before and anchored just north of the point and burleyed up with old pilchards.

Fished with size 1 hooks and bits of prawn and pilchard fillets and got onto the trevally. The salmon were a nuisance as they kept taking the the minute baits meant for the trevally and released 4 or 5 after keeping 1 each for fish cakes. They were a very good size.

Finished with about 25 trevally between us so at least we have a feed of fish.

A whale came up about 30m from us only 40m from Nth Head

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