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Fishing Around Northern Beaches


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Hey Guys

Just recently registered as I need some help locating some nice rock fishing spots. I live around Sydneys Western Suburbs but love to fish on the weekends. I wanted to know if you guys know some good rock fishing spots around the northern beaches or up similar to Avoca, if anyone has been there. Im particularly looking for rock end that goes deep, targeting Bonito's, Salmon and even the Kingies. If you guys can suggest some spots, id be grateful.

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Head over to Whale Beach mate. Anything from bream and blackfish to tuna and kings. There's a spot on the southern headland called "the ovens". It has deepwater access and fishes well for snapper, trevally, bream, salmon, tailor, kingfish, bonito and in summer a host of pelagics. The odd jewfish is caught here too. I also heard yakkas and slimies can be caught here as well as squid. Give it a go once the warmer water comes back!

Cheers, Tom

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