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Whiting on soft plastics


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I tried squidgy wriglers the fish with no success, banana prawns and gulp worms. So frustrating especially when they're in sight and you can't hook them!

This is probably because were not in summer they probably are not feeding as agressively are you fishing shallow water? if so try rebel poppers theres one which is clear with a red head apparently immitates a bait fish, and is good for some whiting on lures? if your chasing them with plastics i recon its a matter of time by time you hook one with the wrigglers. If you using the gulp worm make sure u slow up the retrieve as much as you can and try to use the natural colours. Thats just my 2 cent


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I don't own any poppers but I'll see if I can get my hands on

Some! I'll go back tomorrow with some live worms and see if I can attract the school again

hey just a general question, where do you go fishing for these whiting if you don't mind me asking?

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+1 for Squidgy 80mm Bloodworm Wriggler

got a few undersized ones last summer on those SPs near drummoyne boat ramp (sandy area to the right). Size 1 hook on a 5g jig head (Starlo & Bushy ones which have a really fine gauge hook).

Good luck

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I have caught some on the Squidgy 80mm Bloodworm Wriggler, nothing to write home about but at least it was something.

As for the poppers, the water might be too cold at this time of the year for them to be effective.... I'm certainly no expert but just from what I have read on this site.

Does anyone know what it is about the colder water that makes poppers less effective in the colder months?

Thanks heaps & good luck :thumbup:


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