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Black Drummer/Rock Blackfish


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Haven't been fishing for quite sometime due to the bad weather and flat sea, but this morning looked promising, so I went to my favourite spot and started fishing from 7.30 am as the high tide would be at 9.00am.

For half an hour fishing I could feel a lot of enquiries from small fishes only, so I changed my location and dropped my tackle closer to the cliff ledge. In a minute I could feel something big pulling out the line and trying to go deeper and closer to the ledge. At that stage I was pretty sure that a big drummer was on the other side of my line so I tried to hold him from pulling the line by tightening the drag and used my floppy rod as a cushion to tire him out for a few minutes until he didn't pull the line as frequent and strong as before and then I pumped and wound my Blackfish tackle until some stage that I felt the fish kept kicking but didn't pull the line which meant it was lifted from the water. But now I couldn't crank my reel as it was too big for my reel to do it and I could not get closer to the ledge for safety reason. So I asked a fisho fishing next to me to pull the line for me while I was winding the reel and in a few second I managed to lift this beautiful Rock tank off the cliff. That is a friend for, thanks mate.

It was worth fishing in freezing Winter morning to warm my body up and bring home something nice for diner.

I quit at 8.35am as I had something to do.



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