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Shellhabour Fin

John C

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Hi Raiders,

just wanting some advice on trolling for fin, ive only caught one yellow fin went 12kg(small) at jervis bay canyons but i need some advice for off shellharbour any advice will be great? like how far out do i go before i drop a spread? ive only been out wide 3 times twice with no luck but i am keen to get hooked on fishing out wide i just need a really good seasion to keep me focused.

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Hi Black Magic

I see you live at Shellharbour

There is a very active game fishing club down there - the Shellharbour Game Fishing Club

I have met a few of the guys and they are a great bunch of blokes

They would certainly point you in the right direction

Aqua Monster

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Put spread in at canyons and head out to 500 kink.

20 degrees is a good starting point.

Cubing is the way 2 go.

Lumo squidgy works well shot gun.

We had good success with X raps with green bib

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