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SGFC Geoff Woolley Mako Tournament


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Sydney Game Fishing club is holding our annual Geoff Wooley Memorial Mako tournament in august this year on the 4th and 5th.... This tournament continues to gain alot of interest and we are focusing on providing the goods and making it bigger and better... tournament prices are still really cheap $65 and there is the $1000 up for grabs for Most Sharks tagged and $1000 for Heaviest shark!!!!!! they are the two main prizes but this year we have some more stuff to add with the latest in Fusion stereo setup equipment (wifi, mobile operated) with speakers and a underwater Aqualuma lights setup on offer too from our good friends down at Sydney Marine Electrical!!! Be sure to check them out at www.sydneymarineelectrical.com.au

I will put up a final prize listing next week when i finialise things but all this looking pretty schmick at this stage!!!!

have a good look at the rules, but not much has changed in previous years where 15kg tackle only applies, aswell as the circle hooks only!!! still simple so dont worry!!!!

SGFC provide a great service and im sure everyone will enjoy the comaraderie on the saturday night, and the talks over the days fishing around the BAR!!!!!


1. HEAVIEST SHARK (Boat with Heaviest Mako Shark)

2. MOST SHARKS TAGGED (Boat With Highest Number of Sharks Tagged)

3. HEAVIEST TUNA (Boat with Heaviest Tuna)

4. MOST TAG POINTS – TUNA (Boat With Highest Accumulated Tuna Tag Points)

5. CHAMPION JUNIOR ANGLER – Capture (Highest Cumulative Points Scored of eligible species)

6. CHAMPION JUNIOR ANGLER – T&R (Highest Cumulative Points Scored of eligible species)



Hope to see a few faces, and its good hearing theres some positive talk on here already... look forward too seeing you at the club!!! any questions dont hesitate to ask or call me on 0401223925


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G'day Luke,

We will be out chartering both days but will no doubt be listening to the radio to see how you guys are going.

For you guys that are keen to get into game fishing you should come to a club meeting & join up. It's a great club & a great bunch of guys & gals!

Whether you have a boat & want to get into game fishing or are looking to get a ride & learn the ropes there are always crews willing to take new comers out.

I will get Luke to put a post up about the next meeting & everyone is welcome... come along and have a beer with us!

You could even go down to the club at Watsons Bay around 5pm this weekend to see what fish get caught.

Good luck to everyone who is out this weekend!



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Who won.

What was the biggest.

What boat tagged the most

Hi Briso

Here are the full results and just for interest there where 171 sharks tagged overall, all mainly from the one area strongly suggesting I feel that Browns would not be the best of places at present to be jumping overboard and going for a casual swim . :1yikes: :1yikes:

Cheers Warnie

Heaviest Shark


190.8kg Mako Shark

Most Sharks Tagged


15 Sharks tagged

Boat scoring highest T&R points Tuna



Champion Junior Angler Capture

-Riley Page

4422pts onboard Rampage

Champion Junior Tag & Release

-Rebecca Holmes

13800pts onboard Obsession

Champion Small Fry Tag & Release

-Jack Purkis

2300pts onboard Tanacious

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