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New Used Outboard Motors


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I purchased an old Savage with a 140 Mariner and have just been told that the wiring in the motor is corroded and will cost up to $2K to fix properly and no guarantees about other things.

Therefore, I need to buy a second hand outboard, looking at a 115hp. Hopefully can trade the old one in. Can anyone tell me were is the best place is to get a new second hand motor.

I am on hte South Coast but will come up to Sydney if necessary.


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Hi, I am guessing that it is a 140HP V6 Mariner and if so complete new engine wiring harnesses are about $500 in parts so I find it hard to think it would cost $2K to do this. Also IF it is the V6 it is a very strong performer and I would rather that than any 115HP on the market.

Of course if it is an old I-6 Mariner that is another story and I too would be shopping for a good second hand 115HP and at the moment we are in the process of rebuilding a V4 110HP Johno that will be like new internally and not much more than what you have been quoted to fix the Mariner.



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