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Super Trawler issue

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Did anyone else see 'The Project' on channel 10 tonight?

Not bad coverage, i thought but only Greenpeace were interviewed. Not a rec fisher in sight.

At least the general public may have seen it now it has made it to mainstream tv.

Your thoughts?

Welsh Dave

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Well done to Vic counterparts with the protest, made it on the 5 O'clock new,

Still cant believe out Government is so stupid to let this happen, the damage is going to take years to recover, have a look at where its been you idiots, f me all they can see is the money,

Their just Pigs in the feeding trough,

Make me sick.

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That 2 year ban put on by the fed govt is not worth the paper its writen on so i have been told, there are certain clauses in it which will enable it to fish legally, so before you to start to rejoice to much i think you should do a bit more research.

i believe that they are buying up a whole load of lincences from other fishers which gives themthe right to fish and there could a bit of truth in this, why else would she be still if they cant fish,DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING THIS GOVT IS TRYING TO TELL YOU.THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED TO TELLYOU THE TRUTH :1badmood::ranting2:

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i think i have to sit on the other side of the bar with this "issue".

the SESS fishery is a quota regulated fishery, the fisheries have what we call "effort" and will be fished regardless if its a 140 odd metre vessel or half a dozen 23 metre vessels.

the vessel will have AFMA observers on deck round the clock exactly the same as the ETBF during the SBT seasons,

its regulated to net size and spread,

the "viable" quota and effort to the fishery has been set by the "scientists" and those apparently in the know, and believe me it will be counted to the dammed kilo.

And now, because it's big, the government should ban it?

The size of the boat doesn't matter in a quota system. It's the size of the catch.....

ask yourself this, would you be up in arms if six 23 metre trawlers steamed over here to fish the industry?

it happens more often than i think the country realises....

feel free to criticise just my 2cents guys.....

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