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Swoffing the Tweed

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Went out yesterday for a look at a new bit of water in behind Coolangatta airport. Coabki Lakes.

Whisper on the grapevine was that it has been firing for big hauls of flathead. After a pretty quiet day it just goes to show what I've always known... The very best time to fish for any species is... yesterday!

Oh well. Had a great day on the water with fellow fishraider, BrownDog. The sun was shining, Cobabki was clear of the mad crowds that infest the waterways closer to home (the Gold Coast broadwater and Jumpinpin) so all in all it was a very relaxing few hours. BrownDog managed a couple of smallish flat things and for a while I pulled out the long wand (called something a lot less flattering by Jewhunter) and connected to an average 40cm fish (Mrs Slinky's brekkie this morning).

The wild orange/pink fly is tied with some new material that was shown to me called Water Silk. It makes awesome flies.

post-6175-004760000 1344217619_thumb.jpg

post-6175-066984800 1344217535_thumb.jpg

Cheers, Slinky

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GOod on you, Tony!! Hmmm, I am sure I caught a flattie on fly 2 years back - didn't realise there was a separate section for them!!074.gif

When the wind stops, and the water is a little warmer, I'll have to get my fly gear out & give it another go!! In the yak, I find it SO hard to cast!, especially in the wind!! wacko.gif

Great to see you out on the water!


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You're not bringing that rod I my boat. :boot:

Thank god you didn't catch a cod on one of those things.

I did hear that the week before the flats were going off in there.

We will have to head up there soon & get into them. ( sans ponce stick! )



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