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Aluminium Boat Welding


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Do they need to come to you? also what area are u in. I know of a place at Lidcombe , they could do the welding no prob but id say you would have to do all the design work as they arent really boat modders. The person im thinking of is a relo of a sponsor here.... Really decent bloke.

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Does anyone know a Aluminium Boat Welder or that can do Alloy mods.

The guys I used at Taren Point were instrumental in getting my 5.25mtr bowrider back into shape after the hull had sustained extensive cracks along just about every weld seam .The initial problem was poor manufacturer welding which was thin and tapered it was at these tapered points the cracks appeared , the bracing ribs under the floor had broken away from the frame ,centre keel and outer chines .I was taking in about 2 garbos full of water every hour , my bilge pump was working overtime.I am taking it out on Botany Bay this Friday after lunch for it's 1st sea trials after the repair, can't wait to wet some plastics.Pm me for details.

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