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Where do I find squid?


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Hi team,

Looking for some pointers as to where I can find some squid on the central coast. I'm land based and have looked at some areas around davistown but no luck. Want to start chasing them for both bait and dinner. Got all the gear, not 100% on the best way to use it though... Any spots and advice would be great!



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I used to watch a guy pull them in off the rocks at Putty Beach while I was casting for Tailor. Low tide, fishing the protected side back in towards the beach. Not recommended in Southerly conditions. North East wind and swell preferred so summertime really.

At low tide you can wade / rockhop right out to the edge of the rock wall down where it drops vertically down to the sand. This bloke used to stand on one of the higher rocks and cast his jigs sideways along the edge. He used to get plenty and I saw him do it an several occasions.

It is a well known jew / kingy spot too so don't be afraid to throw one out with a hook in it.

The only problem now is that National Parks have put a ticket vending machine on the road in and they charge you to enter an area about as big as a football field and walk over to the public beach. I don't fish there anymore.

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If you're from avoca beach near the entrance then I honestly have no idea. I usually fish around Sydney areas sorry mate! Otherwise if it's avoca down near Wollongong then I have a place for you.

Thanks zac

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Will do mate! I'll keep on the hunt, haven't had a chance to go out an try the spots mentioned above yet, so they will be my first option when I get a few free days.

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