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Hi from Ulladulla


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Hi everyone, just bought a 12' tinny, pushed by a 15 merc on the tiller. Been out a couple of times in her but now stripped ready for fitout. Because of the type of boat (doggett)I only intend on doing the lakes down here. If anyone has any suggestions as to materials/design I would love to hear them. Motor goes in for a service tomorrow and the boat to the shop for a transom bracket repair. I'd like a casting deck up front, storage somewhere, a live bait well would be good, battery bay, and room for an esky. am I asking to much of this 12 footer? I'll post some pics of the old boat soon. Weight doesn't worry me same as speed. (its not how fast you get there, just get there) I would like to avoid cutting into the bench seats as that's all my floatation. I look forward to any feedback you guys in the know can give... hooroo!


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Hi mate, don't want to sound rude but I'd post it in the boating section, there are a lot of people that have a lot of knowledge that could help you an have a few pics for them as well. Im nearly finished a rebuild on a old Haines hunter v133 there is a post in the boating section called Old But New, my boat is glass but you might get some ideas off it, have a look.


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