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Grandchildren fishing


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Hello Fishraiders,

I have a Carbeen Crestcutter(circa 1977 with a 115hp and 9hp aux) 5.2m and will be taking the Son in Law and 2 grandchildren fishing for the first time.

They have fished on shore down the Sth Coast, my plan is to fish Jerusalam Bay for Leatherhjackets as there is now size limit on them and if we are lucky can have a feed.Also would like to pump for yabbies and try for a good bream myself.

With the Crestcutter there is plenty of room and in the half cab shelter from the elements.

The rigs I will be using are 2 small rods with a No2 longshank hooks with a sinker 20cm and a float and using peeled prawn, I will burly up with some old prawns and pilchard left over from other trips.

Has any other fishos got some suggestions we are going this Sunday if the conditions are ok.

thanks norm

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Where will you be launching from norm? There's a little bay not far from bobbin head that's alive with activity! My old man And I always made it our first stop on a day out as we could get up on the beachy area for nippers and anchor up for baits, anything from yakkas, mullet, gars, small tailor... Saw a few big rays and even found a blue swimmer which we scooped up in a bucket haha.

Don't know what it's called but from memory it's just about opposite looking glass bay.

Mind you this was about 5 years ago we were last there...

Good luck hope it's a cracking day!


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This one might be a long shot for a good bream but the rubbish bin barge near Scotland island used to have some monsters hanging around. If it's calm water an unweight nipper or a soft plastic should do the trick

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