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A couple of pigs


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Caught on Vanamei prawns while fishing the wash from my boat up here on the Central Coast the weekend before last. Both were ~3kg.

they look like EPIC fish!

i was gonna head up to Norah Head off the rocks for pigs the weekend gone, but 5m swells stopped that!

hopefully this weekend...

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I like to pick a day with <0.5m swell and W - NW winds so I am gently blown away from the rocks. I then keep the motor running and back as close as I dare while keeping the bow pointing to seaward and often fish from the controls in case I need to clear out quickly. So far I havent had even an anxious moment but it only takes one rogue wave to put you up on the rocks so I stay vigilent.

On the day I also caught a couple of good bream and a smaller pig. Lost a couple of big ones as well but thats par for the course. Usually get busted by more than you catch. A month ago no pigs but a 43cm and 41cm bream which felt like a pig when hooked.

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15lb braid + 20lb fluorocarbon leader down to a running pea-sized ball and 1/0 suicide. I use a 9ft Starlo Surf Spin rod + 4000 TwinPower. Its a lot easier to pull a big pig back into deeper water than it is up onto the rocks. Even then, you can get them near the boat and they do a powerdive that you cannot stop until the line goes "ping" on the bottom. Fun!

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