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3 Day Family Outing


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After reading about the recent social outing for Hairtail, I thought I had to find out for myself. While I had some time off owrk to be with the kids for school holidays, I managed to talk the :wife: into a family boating adventure and let her organise hiring a luxury cruiser.

We headed off from Pittwater on Monday mid morning in a 35 foot cruiser with kids wife and all the fishing gear (the boat charter guy looked a little surprised). First stop was around to broken bay, not being familair with the Pitwater side I didn't want to waste time, looking for good places to get live bait. Unfortunatley there was a bit of swell coming through the heads so the :wife: wouldn't let me stop at F&S to wet a line and get things started, so I headed for the shelter of refuge bay. Doing the family bonding thing, took the kids ashore to play with the waterfall while I looked out for live bait, coun't get a thing, even around the barge. Only baby snapper one after another. Moved around to another place and still no luck. As it was getting dark had to sop in and get the trusty nippers from little jeruselum bay, just off the bay we anchored up for the evening and I started berlying solidly trying to bring in the fish.

Nothing but those baby snapper again, by this time I was realy :ranting2: , then about 7:30 pm pulled in a Port Jackson shark, then another and another solidly for about 2 hours. I thought it may have been the same shark so I starting measuring them and they were deffinitly different ones. Did catch a couple of squid, but they were too big to use whole, then almost caught a crab on a hand line, then put a witches hat out which my son insisted on taking and I didn't think there would be any crabs around this time of year, later pulled in two good size crabs and managed to catch an Octopus on a line, which I put back. BUT NOT A SIGN of HAIRTAIL ??

Day 2 similar to day one, including several squid too big to use as whole bait (maybe I have to get smaller squid jigs), spent night two in another spot and seemed get the same as the previous night, another 8 Port Jackson Sharks, Baby Snapper and a few more decent size crabs.

Wed morning crused back around to pitwater and anchored up at portuguese bay, which was swarming with baitfish (poddy mullet mainly) and, then a big school of garfish moved in, but do you think I could catch one? no matter what I put down, the only thing that would bite was more baby snapper, these things take anything, I even caught one on a full prawn that was almost as big as it.

Not only didn't I see any sign of Hairtail, the only decent fish I managed to land was a bream of about 30cm. I did get to spend some lovely time with the family.

Total tally for the trip

8 Good size squid

6 Blue swimmers (and good sized too)

1 bream

1 Ocotus - Put back

3 Starfish (these kept the kids amused for a while before safely releasing them)

40-50 Baby Snapper (I am really getting sick of these little :ranting2: )

20 or there abouts Port Jackson Sharks - all released (althoug I thought about knocking a few off just for wasting my time).

0 Haritail

I am convinced that the Hairtail is a made up creature that only exists in stories like mermaids :badair:

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Guest bluecod
I am convinced that the Hairtail is a made up creature that only exists in stories like mermaids  :badair:



We TOLD you that :biggrin2: and you could have saved a lot of readies.

Nah! Always good to get out with the family on the water for a couple of days. Lucky bugger.

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Me and my family did a similar thing last holidays, took a houseboat out and fished around cowan. Whilst we were able to catch a few yakkas and a few baby tailor, we got literally hundreds of baby snapper, they even ate the whole yellowtail we put down at night trying to entice a jew. But nothing even as exciting as a pj shark, nope.

Good to get some crabs at this time of year though, very tasty.

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Guest Jocool

Sounds like a good time was had. :thumbup: My adventures in a housboat a few years ago were an absolute nightmare! :1yikes: But you get that!

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