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Tuning Rapala Cd7's

Bill S

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After dragging some Rapala cd7's around I noticed one of them was tracking to the right and blowing out, at over 4.5 knots.

How does one retune these things? The towing eye is part of the stainless bib. Do I just bend the whole bib or :unsure: ??


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Thanks Darryl.

Do the cd 11's and 14's account for a fair share of salmon or are you chasing larger game?

I'm using 80lb crimped Jinkai :1yikes: as I don't have a more suitable leader at hand. It is quite soft and doesn't seem to affect my other lures too much.

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Guest hottuna
Geez you guys fish heavy, I fish 12lb - 15lb mono straight to the lure normally.


I agree!!!!!! :074:

You`ll get it a better action, deeper presentaion and more fish if you went down leader sizes, 30s HEAPS!!!!


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80lb sounds really heavy Bill and may be some of the reason it is blowing out, I run 10lb and 20lb max on larger rapalas. Is the lure tracking fine under 4.5knots? I think over that might be a bit fast for a cd7. Trolling speed for 7-9 is only supposed to be about 4.5knots. 7's are great for tailor and have found 9's much more effective on sambo's when they are down.

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