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Looking for company fishing Sydney Harbour and beyond?


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Hello fellow raiders.

I'm a very passionate fisherman who has just moved to Sydney Harbour (north sydney area). I've been doing some land based, but would be keen to get out amongst the other off land options.

So if anyone is looking for company on their boat, I'd be happy for an invite.

I'm interested in all forms of fishing.

I've fished my whole life, so wont be a burden at all. I've also spent a lot of time in boats, so wont be useless there either.

I will split costs, split tasks, help at the boat ramp and help clean up afterwards.

I have all my own tackle too.

I look forward to meeting some of you locals :)



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Hi mate i come to sydney about every 3 months for a full weekend fishing. I fish Sydney harbour and the Hawsberry.. Sometimes i have to give it a miss because i cant find anyone to split the costs or give me some company.. So I will keep you in mind the next time i come your way.. I hope to give it all a good crack this summer :thumbup:

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