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Manning River - Boofn' bass


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It's been great reading all the recent bass reports, they've really inspired me to get off my arse and try out lures which I continue to horde, anyway thanks fellas here is my report from the Manning River.

13/11/12 - Hot day, 3pm knocked off work and drove up the river.

As this was my first time out in the canoe for the season I had some real bad F'ups, getting tangled in snags and dragged into branches by the wind.

Anyway it wasn't long before I hooked up to a couple of little fellas on a plastic vibe.

Later in the afternoon a thunderstorm started rolling in over the ranges, the surface action started to heat up, bass were boofing all over the place. I had a few hits and misses I couldn't decide where to throw as the fish were hitting the surface all around me.

I threw a shocking cast down the bank which got caught up on a branch of a snag, I put my rod down to paddle out and on free my line, then boom my motionless lure was hit on the surface. I ended up landing a nice ~ 400mm which made my afternoon.

Looks like it's gonna be a good season with lower rainfall than last, can't wait for the cicadas to start chirping!

post-16434-065473900 1353013223_thumb.jpg

post-16434-004845600 1353013236_thumb.jpg

post-16434-070925900 1353013788_thumb.jpg

post-16434-089756100 1353013805_thumb.jpg

post-16434-004151200 1353013816_thumb.jpg

post-16434-034555900 1353013825_thumb.jpg

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Guest hawkesbass

Nice arvo session when your cast goes over a branch slowly move the line up and down so the lure bounces on the surface you should usually get a strike and free the line at the same time its a method i call tea bagging.Keep the reports coming

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