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Thommos Creek - 13/11/2012


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Hi all, I had planned to some stream fishing on Wednesday. However, after a late start on Wednesday morning I decided instead to help out to Thommos Creek to salvage what was left of my day off. I saw the forecast for light wind and overcast conditions, I like a bit of wind at TCD it seems to bring ‘em on the bite. I got to the dam gates at just after 1pm, I met these two fishos who were on the way back to the car. They said it was slow going and they had not had any hits at all. I was still confident. I headed out to the Eastern side and eventually found an area that looked good, difficult to find spots with the water level so high. First half an hour was quiet and I lost a few lures in the snags, sent out a sloppy cast and on the way back almost at my feet and I got a hit. He went deep and couldn’t see him for a while, he eventually surfaced and it was the biggest brown I’ve even hooked. I managed to beach him, he went 63cm and really nice colours. I changed lures after that to a lighter colour and the very next cast I was on again. This time a nice Rainbow, she gave a real good account of herself, several long runs and nice aerials. I got one more Rainbow after that before the southerly really picked up at just after 4.30 so I decided to pack up and leave early. I real cracker of a day, even though I was only there for a short while.

Enjoy the photos.

Cheers, Al.

post-14317-085049000 1353044216_thumb.jpg

post-14317-025670000 1353044224_thumb.jpg

post-14317-061680500 1353044230_thumb.jpg

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