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Nth'n Beaches 21/7


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Thought i would give the rocks ago after watching a few blokes pull in a fair few hefty salmon yesturday morning while having a surf, so i thought it would be my turn today and organised to go down with a buddy this morning..Got down to the rocks around 10am(very late start) and the fish where allready on the bite with every cast being a tailor or a loss of bait...

Also managed to land an averaged size salmon which gave me a bit of curry for a while which was good fun.. :thumbup:

There was also another salmon caught after mine that i reckon would of gone a easy 4kg, very healthy looking..

Ended up with around 9 tailor - biggest around 45cms

1 salmon

Top little morning.. :thumbup:

haha just had a look at the photo's, ill try and smile next time i get one.. i allmost look unhappy.. :1prop:



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Guest fishrunner

Well done there Trouble,

Nice catch, it's always nice to have a fish off the rocks when the fish are biting :thumbup: .


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nice work mate...

how you fish for em? you use a float? what bait/lures etc coz i wanna start some rockin  :1punk:


Tailor and salmon are found both on the surface and bottom and if there gonna be there you are going to get them both ways for sure but Today i just fished on the bottom mainly because there was a few other lines in the water and its a bit of hasle when you got a float bobbing everywhere across lines etc..pilchards are the go :thumbup:

If i had the choice i would been throwing a few chrome lures at them but yeah a few to many other anglers about...


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Sounds liek a godd little session, did you stay in the same place or move locations at all?


Yeah there was no need to change locations as the action was preety constant.. i just kept aiming for where the whitewash met the cleaner water and it seemed to be right..

As for the location it has been said a few times in the replies.. :1prop:


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