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Bait Runner Type Reel ?


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Have been rebuilding a 4120 beach rod, had decided to put a Shimano 4500 Baitrunner on it using 14 lb Fireline and 15lb trace. Now I'm not so sure, I have a couple of Epix EB 30 and 20 size reels and they work very well. So perhaps I should go for an Epix EB 60? Titanium spool lip and line roller should suit the Fireline better. My wife has a 6500 baitrunner on a 10 1/2 foot 6 kg beach rod with Fireline and it works well, but it is a bit heavy, the 4500 would be better!

The 6500 would suit a 12 foot rod and 10 kg better!

Well what do you think, Shimano or Okuma?

Must be a baitrunner type, i like to drop it in a rocket launcher, sit back and watch!


( 4120 = 4 wraps of fibreglass, 10 foot long, 3 to 6 kg )

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The okuma epix is a heavy reel, much heavier than the shimano. The new B series baitrunners have been out for a few years now and they work very well with braided lines. I would definately be going for the shimano, it will last you a lifetime.

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