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New Trout Dam opening in the Mornington Peninsula


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Hi guys

Ro Paxevanos recently 'reviewed' the DevilBend Reserve dam (near Mornington Peninsula) that will be opened to the public in Mid December 2012! It is a 'decommissioned' water dam & after lobbying by local anglers to open it to the public, I bet the opening day will be well attended! It will be opened at night as well - tho fishing will be restricted to a 5hectare area (from an availability of 250ha water in the lake.) Hopefully, more areas will be opened as time progresses - and who knows, eventually it may even be opened to Yak fishing, if lobbied by local yakkers!!

It has been well stocked with brown & rainbow trout & supposedly has some cod as well!


Info on the park


A map of the lake


Cheers - good to see local govt working well with anglers!!


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Hi Royce

All is good!! Been pretty busy in the last couple of months ....... and it won't get any easier in the lead up to Xmas!! I will be hunting some of the big blackies that lurk around the leases tho, soon! biggrin2.gif

Yes, they sure are lucky to have such a productive waterway made available to them!! 24/7 access if you are prepared to walk in. thumbup.gif

From memory, there is a big pond up the back of Pittwater somewhere that they could do that to!!! Big BASS would be a bonus tho!! wink.gif



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