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port hacking


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hey fellas,

hit the hacking this morning and it wasn't pretty, the wind was a lot stronger than forecast pumped some nippers and headed to a little cove just west of mainbars little harbour it was very slow with only one whiting in the boat and it was only just legal. i saw some flashes of silver so i cast a nipper at them and bang! a nice fat 30 cm whiting. all went quiet for a while until my mates rod bends over with something taking a big run, a couple of minutes later and a big fat 40 cm whiting was in the esky. all went quiet so we decided to head in. we were cleaning our fish in the boat across the bay from the water st. ramp where the old sailing club once was (when was that knocked down?) stupid me put some squid on my hooked and chucked it out and left the rod sitting next to me in the boat ( not in the rod holder) when all of a sudden i hear a splash and look up just in time to see my rod being towed into the depths. after standing there dumbfounded for a minute i grabbed my rod with a live bait set up on it and cast in the direction the rod was going. slowly retrieving it so the hooks would pull along the bottom suddenly i felt some weight and kept winding slowly when my rod appears, i grab the rod out of the water and feel weight start winding and still on the hook was a 30 cm bream. so thanking my lucky stars i headed home with a feed of whiting and bream and my rod lives to fight another day.


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