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Where have all the kings gone?


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John and I headed out to Moruya Heads on Tuesday and Wednesday. Plenty of live slimeys in the tank although most on Wednesday were only pilchard size. John is claiming a world record for 6 on a 6 hook jig two drops in a row! But things were very quiet. John had one good run - but of course this happened when he was changing rigs on another rod - so he got reefed. Both days we turned to the old standby - flathead. 6 on Tuesday including a tiger of 63cm and 12 on Wednesday. Plenty of fillets for Christmas.

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i was there a couple of weeks ago and a very similar story,we had heaps of live yakkas and whlist berleying up we had thousands of pilchard size slimeys around the boat for ages,but no kingies!

we too decided to get a few flatties at the back of the beach and called it a day.

hopefully i will get another chance over christmas to finally get a kingy

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i will do a report after next trip,im more than willing to swap some info,i was getting down there every couple of weeks at one stage but at the moment my missus is heavily pregant(should pop anyday now) so its a bit hard to get away.

not sure where abouts we were fishing,my mate has just bought a new boat so we a kinda new to fishing deeper waters,we have usually just gone straight out from the heads and drift around til we find something on the sounder.

as i said no kingies but have got a few snapper,mowies and plenty of flatties

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