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help on soft plastics


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Hello everyone i was looking on some advice on fishing with soft plastic lures.

I am yet to catch a fish on soft plastics and have fished with them around 6 times now. My regular spot is in gunnamatta bay, but have also tried botany bay.

When i go out bait fishing i am ussually successful catching legal whiting and sometimes bream. The main problem is i fish with soft plastics for hours without bites and decide to change to prawns with my friends.I am planning on going tomorrow by myself leaving by train at 6 in the morning and arriving at cronulla station at around 7:30 for low tide. I will be using gulp 2 inch shrimp in natural colour and will be there for around 3 or 4 hours. I will also be going there with mates 2 or 3 times next week because school has just finished.

I would like help on techniques and what lures to use. I have tried in adition to the gulp shrimp, gulp sandworms and atomic guzzler 2 inch prong in copper flake. I have light shimano rod and reel with 6 pound fluro braid. I will be targeting anything i can catch and would like to know what the easiest fish to target would be. I will be going waist deep in the water casting near boats along the beach. If anyone else has some good spots accessable by train i would be willing to give them ago later in the week.

This is my first post on this website and would appreciate tips on how to finally catch a fish on soft plastics.

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G'day & :1welcomeani: to the site.

As a new member you have access to an incredible wealth

of information here.

Try using the search function just below your name on the page.

It's like the Matrix program of fishing for whatever you need.

One tip for fishing plastics is to leave the bait at home.

It's the only way! :biggrin2:



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As JewHunter says there's a lot of posts on SP fishing.

For my 2 cents worth though your 2 inch shrimp is too small (not sure that came out right...). I'd be using a 3 inch, same natural colours and fish the drop off's. Also, add some of the grub types in 2-3 inch also. Red and Green patterns have worked for me but try a few colours.

Also search YouTube for SP fishing videos. There's a ton on there and you'll get some great info on retrieves and how to mix them up if things aren't working.

Keep at it, SP fishing is frustrating when you start but one day everything will click (so I'm told) and you'll start getting more and more fish :)

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welcome to the site :1welcomeani:

Take with you 80mm or 100mm bloodworm wriggler and 3inch Gulp Grubs in watermelon or pumpking seed colour.

Bound to catch something on those lures mate goodluck :thumbup:

Well said mate.

That's a very good starting point. :thumbup:



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When fishing plastics, many factors come into play.

If I'm bait fishing in an area And we are pretty much stationary, I try and cast in all different directions covering as much different ground as I can. That's why I prefer to be on the move with a backpack and a bucket when fishing placcys.

Secondly I rotate sizes and colours, that could be the tipping point, and just because you uncover "the code", so to speak, it does not mean that it will always work if you use that particular plastic/ jighead/ retrieval type combination.

The brand of plastic you use is another game changer, my expirience tells me gulp are the top performers, followed be atomic, squidgies.... Plastics with a little treble hanging of the guts are rubbish in most cases.

Good luck.


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:1welcomeani: as Spooooled said the good old bloodworm wriggler in 80mm, I am yet to hear of a fish that doesn't eat it (providing its the right place/right time) In terms of what your using you seem to be on the right track I would just suggest start with plastics that have more in built action, They are more forgiving when you learn a new technique and are constantly moving to attract fish, even when you arent doing anything.

The best match would be a 2gm (1/16-1/12Oz) jig head on a size 1-1/0 hook, 6lb fluorocarbon leader about a rods length.


The structure you're fishing sounds good also look for mixes of weed beds and if you see any submerged structure always give it a shot. when fishing it two short sharp rod hops (move the lure 30-60cm off the bottom) and let it sink back down to the bottom then repeat. You can always mix up your retrieve till you find what works. If the words arent good for you too see what i mean youtube things like soft plastics for bream, flathead, whiting ect and you will surely find a video to help you!

Lastly, as grant said leave the bait at home and just try the plastics

Good luck on your next trip and hopefully we have helped




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Hey buddy

I have found port hacking to be a very hard system to fish soft plastics with compared to harbour parra river and George's.

But if your local to gunnamatta hav a walk over to darook park on a low tide and walk out to the drop off.

Using ur 2 inch shrimp and 3 inch minnows on a 1/12 or 1/16 jigheads should land u a few flathead whiting and bream.

Best of luck

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As previously said, the 80mm Squidgy wriggler in bloodworm is a great starting point. Should get you bream, flatties, whiting and tailor (although the tailor will wreck them pretty bad..).

I have to add another plastic to the list though. The Z-man 2.5" Grubz in either watermelon red, bloodworm or violet sparkle. Best plastic i've come across for bream, flathead and whiting by far. The tailor won't do anything to them because they are very tough and durable.

Keep going with plastics and even though its hard, leave the bait at home :biggrin2:

You'll get a few on these placcies for sure :thumbup:

Cheers, Tom

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Cheers for that. With your uni knot do you take it all the way to the jig head or do you leave a bit of a loop ?


Nah no need when you come up tight on a fish, it goes taut anyway.

I always use uni direct to jig head. Add split ring on hard bodies that need loop knots.

Uni knot much stronger than loop knots. Just preference.

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Appreciate the advice. I have just bought a new outfit and loaded it with 4.4 lb braid and 8lb leader. I have never fished with plastics before so I am keen to snag my first fish.

I live near ettalong. The sand flats around here are pretty good for the flatties


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Some great advice here!

My tip would be to target a particular species... Flatties are probably the easiest to start...

Few of my tips;

- Fish areas where they are likely to hide (i.e. sandy / weedy areas),

- Fish the tides (runout is good start)

- And use tried & tested SP's (i.e. 70-100mm Fish or Wrigglers generlly do well on flatties);

- Cover the area well (if u dont get hits in say 15mins, start moving around the area until you do...);

- And lastly, post up the report / pic of your fish on Fishraider!

Good luck! :1fishing1:

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